18 enero 2015

Tip Shell UNIX: Comandos divertidos (Parte I)

Aquí está la primera lista que compilé de comandos UNIX que devuelven mensajes de error ingeniosas . Algunos de los comandos no devuelven los mismos mensajes de error , dependiendo de qué sistema operativo se está ejecutando (es decir, HP / UX , Ultrix , Oracle Solaris. ). A Divertirse!

% make fire
Make: Don't know how to make fire. Stop. 
% why not?
No match. 
% gotta light?
No match. 
% !1984
1984: Event not found. # (on some systems) 
% How's my lovemaking?
Unmatched '. 
% "How would you rate Mariano Rajoy's incompetence?
Unmatched ". 
% [Where is Jimmy Hoffa?
Missing ]. 
% [Where is my brain?
Missing ]. 
% ^How did the sex change^ operation go?
Modifier failed. 
% ^How did the sex change operation go?
Bad substitute. 
% If I had a ( for every $ Congress spent, what would I have?
Too many ('s. 
% man: why did you get a divorce?
man:: Too many arguments. 
% %blow
%blow: No such job. 
% \(-
(-: Command not found. 
% sh
$ PATH=pretending! /usr/ucb/which sense
no sense in pretending! 
$ mkdir matter; cat >matter
matter: cannot create 
% cd /tmp
% touch this; chmod 000 this
% ln -s /usr/bin/touch U
% U this
U: cannot touch this: no write permission 
% rm meese-ethics
rm: meese-ethics nonexistent 
% cd ~god
Unknown user: god. 
% ar m God
ar: God does not exist 
% make love
Make: Don't know how to make love. Stop. 
% sleep with me
bad character 
% ^What is Sacarina?
Bad substitute. 
% drink bottle: cannot open
opener: not found 

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